Vice and Virtue Buena Vista Colombia

Vice and Virtue Buena Vista Colombia

Vice and Virtue
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Origin: Buena Vista, Belén de Umbria, Risaralda, Colombia 

Flavor: Mandarin Oranges, French Vanilla, Warming Spices

Process: Anaerobic Natural

Altitude: 1800-1925 MASL

Variety: Red Castillo

 12oz bag

Catalina Vásquez, a fourth-generation coffee producer, helps manage and market harvests from her family's three coffee farms in Antioquia. Through her family's decades of growing experience and her forward-thinking, entrepreneurial eye, Catalina and her family have invested in other farmers throughout the country to create a modern Colombian coffee brand called Cafelumbus. By sourcing coffee from farmer friends in other regions of Colombia Cafelumbus ensures a constant supply throughout the whole year.

Carlos Mario Gallego Sánchez produced this anaerobic natural at 1,800 to 1,925 meters above sea level on Finca Buena Vista, his farm located Belén de Umbría, Risaralda. The result is a coffee with notes of mandarin orange, honey, milk chocolate, baking spices and lemon.