We're Moving!

The secret’s out: we've moved!

We’ve enjoyed our time at 60 S Main, but it’s time to transition. A HUGE part of our growth is YOU showing us so much love and GETTING the mission: support small and local. To the ones that come in every day/weekend despite the heat or snowstorms: ultimate MVPs! '22-'23 completely exceeded our expectations. We’ve been an incubator for many new makers and that makes us incredibly happy. So we’ll be saying goodbye to what we call “North-South Main”.

The dirty deets: We’ve outgrown our space and ultimately, just like a couple of our neighbors, the landlord opted out of signing a permanent tenant. BUT we think it’s for the best! We were ready to sign a long term lease for this location. Our traffic increased exponentially within a year. All signs pointed to ‘yes!’ But in the back of our minds, we’ve known for a WHILE we had already hit a wall with the location’s potential vs our actual goals.

Our current address is pretty inaccessible. Parking is a struggle and construction has frequently blocked access to many businesses near us and there’s not really an end in sight. There are a LOT more external/environmental factors we won’t get into, but we’ve encountered just about anything you can think of. We (literally just the two of us) have been running full steam ahead since Jan '22. It’s time to take a step back and take a look at how GCG needs to grow.

We are so happy and humbled by the relationships we’ve built with our neighbors, customers, and vendors over the last 1.5yrs at this location and we hope that you stay through this transition and stop by while we're still at this address. We are still weighing our options for what will best serve our customers/community.

We’ll update as things go.  We are still shipping online, and we offer delivery to the greater Memphis area.

- Erin & Lisa