"What is this?"

We are an online grocer for Memphis-made goodies!  Think of us as a one-stop shop virtual farmers market, locally owned and operated with full insight into our vendors.  Need to send some items to family for the holidays?  Or just live 500 miles away and craving a couple Memphis snacks?  We've got you!

"Do you have a store?"

60 S. Main Tues-Sat 10AM-5PM Get Directions

"Can you ship refrigerated goods?"

We are currently able to ship select refrigerated goods, such as drinks.  Any non-shippable refrigerated item will be noted as 'Instore Only.'

"I don't see (name) product."

We are always looking for new vendors.  Keep an eye on our socials or send us a suggestion at grindcitygrocer@gmail.com.

"I have a question about Shipping."

See Shipping.

"I have question not listed."

Shoot us an email at grindcitygrocer@gmail.com.