Bennett Bitters Bermuda

Bennett Bitters Bermuda

Bennet Bitters
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Tiki Spices, Blossoms, Tropical Fruits

Perfect for Daiquiris, Gimlets, Margaritas, Mojitos, Tiki Drinks: Mai Tais, Piña Coladas

Organic, hand-crafted cocktail bitters inspired by sunsets on tropical beaches and the art of escape. Bermuda Bitters transport your taste buds to a paradise of flavor. Where sultry hibiscus blossoms flirt with the senses as exotic spices whisper on the warm vanilla air. This tart, tiki style bitter is rich with juicy fruits and florals that transform every moment into an endless summer.

Small batched and hand bottled.

Add bitters to still or sparkling water, juice, and tea. Use as a liquid spice for baked goods, soups, and sauces.

Retail size: 60 ml / 2 fl oz

New York, New York

Bennett Bitters is a family-owned, New York City based bitter house. The husband and wife team worked to build a bitters brand that combines health and wellness with bold and innovative flavors.

Our journey began in 2012 when Joseph Bennett formulated a small line of bitters which were carried at several local Seattle bars. After a successful release in Seattle, Joseph moved to New York to reinvent the company and together with his wife, Yana, formulated a new and imporoved methodology for capturing and blending herbs and botanicals. After years of formulating recipes and hundreds of experiments later, the company re-launched in 2018 by Joseph and Yana in New York City.

We believe in the healing power of conscientious cuisine. Supporting the body and mind through food begins with the tastebuds. This is why our bitters benefit the whole body while enhancing the flavor of your food or drink.

Bitters and tincturing have a long and rich history. We choose to honor that history by producing our bitters completely machine-free and by hand. We source herbs that are either wild or completely untouched by chemicals and genetic modification. In doing so, we ensure our bitters are crafted in the most respectful way possible.

Lastly, (and most important to the Bennett’s) is donating 2% of all the company profits to support nature conservation in the region where ingredients are sourced. The belief that a harmonious relationship between the planet and our lives is strong and possible! When nature gives us a gift, we should give back. When you buy a bottle of Bennet Bitters, you support the planet as well as yourself.