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"Shotwell Candy is my life's work and legacy.  In the beginning, I started making caramel in my home kitchen at night after coming home from my day job and after my wife and three daughters were sound asleep.  It was my dream.  My passion.  I used simple, fresh ingredients, and timeless methods to make caramel in its best possible form.  Since I had a day job at the time as a corporate attorney, I would start my nightly caramel work around 8:30pm and spend the next 4-5 hours cooking, cutting, wrapping and packaging caramels.  Family and friends pitched in when orders piled up and we were known to throw 'shipping parties' in order to entice friends into helping us prepare shipments in exchange for food and beverage.  I'm reminded daily about the importance of teaching my children to dream big and to create anything they want so long as they work hard, practice patience, and stay true to themselves." -Jerrod Smith, Owner/Founder
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