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"Until September of 2016 , I worked at the Regional One Trauma Center for 47 years as a radiology and CT scan technologist. It was a fulfilling and  most rewarding career. After retiring, I decided to embark on a career that I had been thinking about for sometime.  I love tinkering in the kitchen so the natural choice for me would be cooking.  I was born and raised in the city of Memphis, but I spent my summers in either Mississippi or Arkansas with grandparents. One of the things I remembered most about that time was the food.  Everything had so much flavor. There was no such thing as fast food.

We had only naturally grown, good tasting meals. As I grew older I noticed that food didn’t taste the same anymore. Because of technology, companies could now grow food much faster and bigger. But they also added things to make them look more appealing to make more money. That became the American way 'quick and profitable.  I wanted to bring back the flavor that I remembered. Especially my grandparents special chow chow.  Chow chow enhances the flavor of many foods  so I felt this would  be a great place to start. I make it the way my grandmother taught me with a two day process.

The first batch I  made made 21 jars. I decided to give it away as Christmas gifts. People came to me the next year that I didn’t know, asking me if I was the chow chow lady. They wanted more.  I decided to start making and selling it to my friends and family. It kept growing so I asked my sister Joyce if she would help me.  The product continues to grow. Lil' Bit of Country was born. I am very proud to  say I am making natural products that brings back  memories to some and a wonderful new experience to others." -Beverly Walker

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