JoyJolt Luna Crystal Liquor Decanter

JoyJolt Luna Crystal Liquor Decanter

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From the European crafting and the embedded gold rim that never fades, to the opulent cut of the glass, the Windsor Crystal Double Old Fashioned Glasses bring out the ‘royal’ in liquor. Fancy enough for display but not too fancy for a daily scotch.  So pretty, you'll love displaying this with your glass ware. 

• Elegant, Luxury Crystal Whiskey Glasses

• Set of 2 DOF Glasses (7.4oz)

• 3.75” Wide, 3.75” Tall – Satisfying to Hold

• 10oz Glass Heft with 1/8” Rim

• Crystal + Borosilicate glass (lead-free)

• Fridge Safe, Dishwasher Safe.

• Gift boxed with secure padding