AnnaMade Designs Print 11"x14" Memphis Letters

AnnaMade Designs Print 11"x14" Memphis Letters

AnnaMade Designs
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Once these block letters were installed on Mud Island in 2019, they became an instant complement to the city skyline. Credit Youngblood Studio for this work and so many other art installations that bring a source of pride to our people.

This print is an 11x14 matte; frame not included.

Now available in our Downtown Memphis gift shop !

Anna Kelly

At nearly 50 years old, I bought my first sewing machine for nearly $50. I wanted to be able to make myself cloth napkins for dinner parties because I think cloth napkins make every meal better. After that first square, I was completely addicted. I started making totes, purses and wine bags showing my Memphis pride. Before I knew it, I was knee deep and had to start selling to pay for my new habit.  

The journey from sewing to fabric art was swift but messy. I’ve enjoyed learning how different fabrics react to resin and how different people react to fabric based art. The most rewarding projects come from including other people’s personal and sentimental fabrics. I have had the pleasure of making messenger bags from childhood bed sheets, purses from favorite dresses, and tote bags from old concert sweatshirts.

When I’m not making art or spending time with friends and family, I am a special education teacher in Collierville.


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